Here are the questions for her:

- What's your name? How old are you?
- How long have you been smoking?
- Do you remember your first cigarette, its taste and your feelings?
- Don't you like the smoke smell?
- Which cigarettes did you smoke before?
- Do you feel addicted to cigarettes?
- How do you feel about the taste of cigarettes you smoke?
- Please make several exits through your nose.
- Do you regret that you started smoking?
- Did you teach anyone to smoke?
- Were there any people who lit up while looking at you?
- Are they still smoking?
- How did your relatives relate to your smoking?
- Do you know that there are people who are fond of looking at smoking girls? How do you feel about it?
- Do you think you smoke nicely? Does a cigarette suit you?
- Do you plan to start smoking again?
- Did you think to quit smoking once and for all?
- What do you think when you smoke you look sexier with a cigarette?
- Do you think cigarettes affected your health? Do you feel it?
- How soon do you smoke the first cigarette after waking up?

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April 18, 2020 19:17 unknown ★★★★★ She is great. Thanks for the video!
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