Here are the questions for her from this interview:
- How long do you smoke?
- When did you start to smoke?
- Do you remember your first cigarette?
- What was your feelings?
- How many cigarettes per day do you usually smoke?
- Which cigarettes do you usually smoke?
- Does that cigarette differ from those that you usually smoke?
- How do you like these cigarettes?
- How soon do you smoke your first cigarette?
- For those years, that you smoke – did you try quitting?
- Did you during pregnancy quit smoking?
- How did smoking affect sons health?
- Does smoking affect your health?
- Do you smoke at home near the sons?
- Do you spit when you smoke?
- Do you know that there are people, which like to watch girls smoking?
- Does it make you sexier when you smoke?
- What do you like in smoking itself?
- What happens with you when you do not smoke for a long?

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