Here are all questions to her:

Please tell us, do you already have sex?
For how long so far?
Do you remember your first sex. Who was it with, under what circumstances?
Did you get any pleasure from this first sex?
Please, tell me how quickly right after sex do you usually start smoking?
Have you ever smoked during sex?
Have you give a blowjob while smoking?
Please, tell us which men do you prefer: smokers or non-smokers?
When you choose a man, do you need him to smoke?
You probably like smoking with a man, don’t you?
Do you watch porn?
Which one do you prefer?
Can you describe what kind of sex you like the most?
Does the process of stra.ngling turn you on?
Do you enjoy the feeling of pain?
What sex positions do you like?
Do you sometimes take the lead?
What hairstyle do you usually do on your pubes?
Is it important to you what hairstyle your partner has?
When you see a stranger that you like outside, do you have any filthy thoughts?
Have you ever had sex with a stranger?
Do you like oral sex?
You like it when you give a blowjob?
What is the most unusual item that you used to please yourself?
Who did you have your first orgasm with. Do you remember?
What's the most daring thing you've ever done during sex?
Have you ever had sex with a girl?
How do you decide that a man is good at sex: I mean, before dating or during the communication.
How often do you cheat while in a relationship?
Do you often have relationships?
Do you count your partners? In general, how many of them did you have?
How many of them do you have now. I mean both girls and guys.
Do you like candid conversations about sex?
What is the best compliment you’ve ever heard about your naked body?
What is the strangest thing that turns you on?
If men turn you on, then do they excite you like that too?
Do you like to caress yourself in front of your partner?
What is your favorite blowjob technique?
Is there anything in sex that you would never agree to?
Do you like to use toys during sex?
How do you feel about the taste and smell of semen?
Do you swallow?
Do the size or shape of a penis matter to you?
Does size have any effect on orgasm or quality of sex? It’s size, shape.
What dirtiest fantasies did you have?
Have you ever had sex in a public place, with people looking at it?
How do you feel about gangbangs?
Would you like to star in porn?
How often do you have sex?
Do you have a partner now?
Do you sl.eep naked, in clothes, in pajamas, in underwear, how?
Do you walk around the house naked?
What turns you most about men on?
How should one touch you so that you start to feel horny?
Do you have sensitive breasts in general?
What kind of men do you like: older, of your age, younger?
Do you take nude pics of yourself?
Do you send these photos to someone?
What position do you prefer in sex the most?
Have you had sex in a car, on the beach or in the forest?
What are the most unusual places you have had sex in?
How long can you live without sex?
Do you need a foreplay and how long should it last?
How do you feel about fake orgasms? Have you done it?
Do you usually like to have sex in the light or in the dark?
Are there any celebrities you would like to have sex with?
Have you ever been to a nude beach?
What do you do if semen accidentally gets inside you?
Did you have sex with all those partners with a condom?
How long does the sex usually last?
Was it difficult to smoke two cigarettes in a row?
Do you squat, to make your butt so curvy?

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November 21, 2020 00:02 unknown ★★★★★ no comment entered
March 01, 2021 06:01 unknown Лера - идеальная женщина во всех отношениях. Она очень красивая и умная. Она знает, чего хочет и любит, когда мужчина знает, чего хочет. Это круто. Я настоящий мужчина, который любит относиться к настоящей женщине как к богине. Я тоже знаю, чего хочу, и нечего терять или сожалеть, когда попробуешь ... Итак, вот моя личная информация: ID в Instagram: @ valmont1702 - Carl Lepeltier -
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