Here are the questions for her:

How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember how you started smoking? I mean your first cigarette.
Did you really lose weight from smoking?
When you started smoking, how long did it take you before it became something you did every day?
How many cigarettes per day do you smoke?
What kind of cigarettes do you usually smoke?
Do you feel addicted to smoking?
Does smoking anyhow affect your health?
How long does it take you between cigarettes before a desire to smoke appears?
How soon do you smoke the first cigarette after you wake up?
Are there any special feelings when you do the first puffs of the first cigarette?
Which of all cigarettes during the day is your most enjoyable and favorite?
Can it be in the morning and in the evening and after eating?
Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
What do you like most about smoking?
Do you smoke for pleasure or more on addiction?
Do you regret starting smoking?
Have you tried to stop smoking?
Do you like how you look while smoking?
Do you think a cigarette suits you?
Maybe you feel sexier while smoking?
Were your relatives against when you started smoking?
Do you smoke at home?
Have you got ch_ild?
Will you quit smoking when you become pregnant?