Qestions for her:

How long have you been smoking?

Do you remember how you started smoking? Describe your first cigarette.

How soon did you start smoking every day, day after day?

How many cigarettes do you usually smoke a day?

And how many times did you manage to smoke as much as possible?

What cigarettes do you usually smoke and what are your favorites?

Can you make smoking rings?

Do you feel addicted to smoking?

Have you ever tried to give it up?

Do you feel that smoking is somehow affecting your health? How exactly?

Do you litter when you open the pack or when you throw away the cig ends?

Do you spit on the street while smoking?

Have you ever tried smoking without hands?

How long does it usually take you between cigarettes before the urge to smoke again appears?

How soon after s.leep do you have your first cigarette?

How do you usually feel after a few heavy first cigarettes? Do you like this feeling?

What is your nicest and the most favorite cigarette during the day?

Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?

What do you like most about smoking, can you describe?

Do you smoke for pleasure, or more because of addiction?

Are you sorry you started smoking?

Do you know that there are people who like to watch the girls smoking and how do you feel about it?

Are your family members against you smoking?

Do you smoke at home?

Do you live with your parents?

Do you think a cigarette suits you?

Do you feel sexier while smoking?

If you get pregnant, will you give up smoking during pregnancy?

Do you have any hobbies?

When you were little, did your parents smoke?

Do you pay attention to the warning signs on cigarette packs?

You yourself do not watch all sorts of videos about the dangers of smoking on the Internet?

Do you smoke cigars or hookah and how often?

Does the smell of cigarettes annoy you when you don't smoke yourself?

Do you have any smoking rituals?

What do you usually do to get the taste and smell of tobacco smoke out of your mouth?

Have you ever advised people who do not smoke to start smoking?

Have you ever considered how much money a month you spend on cigarettes?

Are you in a relationship now? Have you got a boyfriend?

Are you thinking about reducing the number of cigarettes per day?

What kinds of men do you like smokers or non-smokers?

How is this cigarette to your taste and strength?