Qestions for her:

How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember your first cigarette, how you started?
After your first time, how long did it take before you started smoking on a daily basis?
And your voice. Is that the smoker's voice?
How many cigarettes a day do you currently smoke?
What's your regular amount now?
And when you're d.rinking? More?
Oh, is that smoker's cough?
What's the biggest number of cigarettes you ever chainsmoked?
What brand do you normally choose and what's your favorite one?
Can you say that you are addicted to smoking?
Do you think that smoking somehow affects your health?
And how does it affect your health?
When you open a pack, do you litter wrapper or put it in the trash?
I mean do you throw it all out on the streets?
After you have smoked, how much time passes before you feel like smoking again?
After bedtime, how fast does your first one occur?
What do you feel after your first morning cigarette?
And what's the most pleasant cigarette throughout a day?
How do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
Do you ever regret starting smoking?
Do you smoke at home?
Do you think a cigarette suits you?
Do you have c.hildren?
Do you have hobbies?
Do you remember whether your parents smoked when you were little?
And those warning labels on packs, do you pay attention to them?
Do you smoke cigars? Hookah?
Does the smell of cigarettes irritate you when you are not smoking?
Do you have any rituals or traditions related to smoking?
Do you do anything to get rid of the cigarette smell and taste?
Have you ever advised a non-smoker to start smoking?
Did you ever calculate your smoking-related spendings?
What is your type of guy — smoker or non-smoker?