Here are the questions for Christine:

- How long do you smoke?
- Do you remember your first cigarette?
- Can you describe senses, feelings, what cigarette it was?
- Have you tried to stop smoking?
- Do you have any hobby?
- After you wake up how soon do you smoke your first cigarette?
- How is it differ from the cigarettes you usually smoke?
- What happens to you if you don`t smoke for a long time?
- Did you know that there are people who like to look at smoking girls?
- How do you feel about that?
- Can you tell me what you like about smoking?
- Does your family know you smoke?
- Does cigarette makes a girl sexier at the moment of smoking?
- If you will be planning a pregnancy will you stop smoking?
- Does smoking affect your health in any way?

Schlagworte: smoking, smoking fetish