Qestions for her:

How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember when you started?
Can you describe your first smoking experience?
How old were you then?
What did you feel after your first cigarette?
Did you inhale?
How long was it before you started smoking on a daily basis?
When you were a regular smoker, how many cigarettes a day did you have?
What was the biggest number of cigarettes you ever chain-smoked?
Are you dizzy?
Did you try smoking without hands?
What brand did you smoke and what was your favorite one?
What did it taste like?
When you smoked, did you learn any smoke tricks? Like smoke rings maybe?
And when you smoke, do you spit?
Has smoking affected your health in any way? Will you tell us?
Why did you quit smoking?
Did you litter or always put it in the trash?
How long was it before you felt like smoking again?
How soon did you smoke your first cigarette in the morning?
So you didn't smoke on an empty stomach?
What was your most pleasant and favorite cigarette of the day?
What did you like most about smoking?
Do you regret starting smoking?
Do you know that there are people who like watch girls smoke, and what's your attitude towards it?
Did your family mind that you smoked?
When they found out, were they against it?
Did you smoke at home?
Do you think a cigarette suits you?
Maybe you feel more sexy when smoking?
What do you do in life? What are your hobbies?
An adult store, can you elaborate here? The whole stock of a sex shop? Can you say that?
Do you have an Instagram? If you don't mind, we can share it with the viewers.
Will you stop smoking during pregnancy?'
Did your parents smoke when you were a k.id?
Do you pay attention to the warning labels on cigarette packs about the dangers of smoking?
And did you look up those dangers on the Internet, watch it on TV?
Hookah, cigars, vape, do you smoke any of these?
So you do smoke cigarettes sometimes now?
And under what circumstances?
How often does it happen?
Does the smell of cigarettes irritate you when you are not smoking?
Do you have any smoking-related rituals or traditions?
What do you usually do to remove the smell and taste of tobacco smoke?
And the cigarettes you're smoking now, do you like them?
What's your type of guy — smoker or non-smoker?
Did you ever advise non-smokers to try smoking?
Did you calculate how much money you used to spend on cigarettes a month?
Was it a considerable amount for you?
How did you come to open a store like that?