Qestions for her:

How long have you been smoking?
How many cigarettes a day do you smoke?
Do you remember how you started to smoke? Describe your first cigarette.
I’ve noticed you have a tattoo on your right arm, a dog? This is a portrait of your dog?
So, since you tried it when you were 16, you’ve been smoking permanently, am I right?
And how many cigarettes did you manage to smoke at most?
How often do you d_rink?
By the way, about boyfriends. Do you like smokers or nonsmokers?
Did you try to smoke a whole cigarette with no hands?
Well, could we take a few puffs without hands right now?
What cigarettes do you usually smoke? What are your favorite ones?
Can you blow smoke rings?
And do you feel smoking addiction now?
And do you feel that smoking somehow affects your health?
Did you try to quit after all?
And when you open an empty pack, do you throw it in a trash can or litter?
Do you throw away cigarette butts on the streets?
And how much time does it usually takes to have another cigarette?
And how soon is your first cigarette after s_leep?
What is the most pleasant, your favorite cigarette of your day?
And where do you work now?
Can you smoke another one right now?
Is it a heart on the other arm?
Can you describe, what do you like most about smoking?
What do you think, does a cigarette suit you? Does it become you?
Talking about the first cigarette after s_leep, what do you feel after it?
Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
And do you smoke for pleasure or is it an addiction?
Do you regret that you started to smoke?
You know, there are people who like looking at smoking girls, how do you feel about it?
Are your relatives against your smoking?
Does your mom smoke?
Did she smoke when you were little?
Does your dad smoke?
Do you live with them or separately?
Does your boyfriend smoke too?
Do you feel sexier when you’re smoking?
Do you have some hobbies?
Do you pay attention to warnings they place on cigarette packs?
Or maybe you’re looking for smoking-related health risks on the internet, watch such shows on TV, huh?
Did you try to smoke cigars or maybe hookah?
Can you smoke another one or it will be hard?
And the moment you don’t smoke, does the smell of cigarettes annoy you?
Do you have some rituals or traditions associated with smoking?
What do you usually do to get rid of cigarette breath?
Did you ever encourage non-smokers to start smoking?
Did you count how much money you spend on cigarettes?
Are you generally a calm person?