There is a mistake in subtitles:

In line ”but not slim I have slim”

It must be: “but not slim I hate slim”


-How old are you?

-How long have you been smoking?

-Do you remember your first cigarette? Can you describe your feelings from it?

How much time has passed since you smoked the first cigarette and began to smoke every day?

-How many cigarettes do you usually smoke?

-Have you tried smoking without your hands?

- Which cigarettes do you usually smoke?

- Does the brand matter? With any taste?

-Do you feel addicted to smoking?

- Does smoking somehow affect your health?

- Have you got cough?

-Do you litter when you smoke? I mean, when you open the pack, where do you usually throw the cig end?

-And do you spit while smoking?

-How long does it usually take you between cigarettes before the urge of smoking again?

What do you feel after the first puff?

What's your favorite cigarette during the whole day?

-Do you like the taste and the smell of cigarettes?

- Do you smoke more for pleasure or because of addiction?

- Can you tell me what you like most about smoking?

-Do you try to give up smoking?

-And do you regret that you started smoking?

-How do your parents refer to your smoking?

-Do you know that there are people who like to look at smoking girls? And how do you feel about it?

-Do you smoke at home?

- Sometimes even with your mom?

-And do you think a cigarette suits you?

-Maybe you feel sexier while smoking?

-And if it happens that you get pregnant. Do you give up smoking during pregnancy?

- How do you like the cigarette you have smoked?