Qestions for her:

How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember when you first tried smoking?
I want you to tell us about the first time you smoked. First cigarette. Do you remember it?
How many cigarettes a day do you usually smoke now?
And how many did you ever chainsmoke?
Did you try smoking without hands?
What cigarette brand do you normally choose? What are your favorite ones?
Can you do smoke tricks? Like smoke rings maybe?
Do you ever spit while smoking?
Do you feel addicted to smoking?
Please describe your first cigarette, the very first one in the morning.
You get up and you smoke on an empty stomach?
Do you feel any smoking-related health affects?
What kind of sports did you play?
When outside, do you litter butts or parts of a pack?
how much time passes before you feel like smoking again?
You feel dizzy? Do you like those feelings?
What is your most pleasant, favorite cigarette of the day?
Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
When you are not smoking, does cigarette smell coming from someone else irritate you?
Can you say what you like most about smoking?
Do you choose to smoke for pleasure or are you addicted to smoking?
Do you regret starting smoking?
Have you ever tried to quit?
Do you know that there are people who like girls who smoke and if you do, how do you feel about it?
Is your family against your smoking? Do they know?
Do you smoke at home?
Did your parents smoke when you were a k.id?
Do you think a cigarette suits you?
Do you feel sexier when smoking?
When you get pregnant, will you quit?
Do you have any hobbies?
Do you pay attention to the dangers of smoking shown on cigarette packs?
Maybe you watch programs about the dangers of smoking on TV or look it up on the Internet?
Do you smoke cigars? Hookah? Do you vape?
Do you have any smoking-related rituals or traditions?
Do you usually do something to get rid of the taste and smell of tobacco?
Have you ever advised non-smokers to start or try smoking?
What's your type of guy — smoker or non-smoker?
Did you ever calculate your smoking-related expenses? Is it a hefty amount for you?
How do you find these cigarettes strength-wise?
Who taught you to smoke? How did you learn to take a drag?