Qestions for her:

What is your name and how old are you?
How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember how you started smoking; can you describe your first cigarette?
How many cigarettes a day do you usually smoke now?
Have you tried smoking without hands?
What cigarettes do you usually smoke and what are your favorites?
Are these the ones you are smoking now?
Are they your favorites?
Why do you like them so much, can you explain?
Do they have any taste?
Do you know how to do some tricks with smoke, start rings?
Do you spit when you smoke?
Do you feel addicted to smoking?
Do you like the process itself?
Can you describe what you like the most about smoking?
Do you think smoking has any effect on your health?
During this time, while you are smoking, have you smoked mainly light cigarettes?
When you open a new pack in the street, are you littering? Do you throw it on the ground or bring it to the trash can?
How much time usually passes before there is a desire for you to smoke again?
What do you feel after a few puffs in the morning? Do you have your first cigarette in the morning?
How soon after s.leep do you have your first cigarette?
Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
For the whole day what is your most pleasant and favorite cigarette?
Can you describe what you like most about smoking? Do you like the taste and smell of cigarettes?
What do you like most about smoking, can you describe?
Do you regret that you started smoking?
Did you try to give it up?
Do you know that there are people who don't like watching the girls smoke and how do you feel about it?
Do your relatives mind your smoking?
Do you smoke at home?
When they found out, were they against it?
When you were little, did they smoke themselves?
Do you think a cigarette suits you?
Maybe you feel sexier while smoking?
If something suddenly happens that you get pregnant, will you give it up during pregnancy? Or before pregnancy?
Do you have any hobbies?
Do you pay attention to the warning signs on cigarette packs about the dangers of smoking?
Maybe you watch materials on TV or on the Internet?
Do you smoke cigars, hookah or vape?
Does the smell and taste of cigarettes irritate you or rather the smell at the moment when you do not smoke yourself?
Do you have any rituals and traditions related to smoking?
What do you do to remove the taste and smell of tobacco smoke from your mouth?
Have you ever advised non-smokers to try smoking, start smoking?
Have you calculated how much money you spend a month on cigarettes?
Which men do you like more smokers or none smokers?
How do you like such shooting, if I invite you, would you not mind it? We have done it, what do you think? Wouldn’t you repeat it again?

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Mittwoch, 31. März 2021, 17:04 Uhr unbekannt ★★★★★ Amazing devoted smoker with beautiful skills.
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