Here are the questions for her:

What is your name? How old are you?
How long have you been smoking?
Do you remember how you started smoking your first cigarette?
When you started smoking, how long did it take you before it became something you did every day?
How many cigarettes per day do you usually smoke?
What are your favorite cigarettes?
Do you smoke them daily now?
Do you feel addicted to smoking?
How long does it take between cigarettes before a desire to smoke appears?
How soon do you smoke the first cigarette after you wake up?
Which of all cigarettes per day is your most enjoyable and favorite?
What do you like most about smoking?
Do you like the smell of cigarettes?
Do you smoke not for pleasure, but more on addiction?
Have you tried to quit smoking?
Have you taught anyone how to smoke?
Are you sorry to start smoking?
Are your dad and mom against your smoking?
Do you smoke at home?
Parents feel it all and they do not mind, do they?
If you become pregnant, will you quit smoking?
Do you feel sexier while smoking?